Key research

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Bio4Fuels aims at increasing the efficiency and yields of key process steps within the different value chains adopting a multi-level approach across the boundaries of the value chains.   

Key research

The consortium aims to:

  • Gain fundamental knowledge leading to breakthroughs and new processes.
  • Innovation of existing processes to the level necessary for transition to pilot level validation.
  • Achieve techno-economic insights for optimal integration within and across value chains.
  • Achieve greater understanding of the environmental consequences of the various value chains.

The research activities are organized in four main sub-projects:

  1. Bio-resource, Environment and Climate
  2. Primary Biomass Conversion
  3. Secondary Conversion and Upgrading
  4. Process design and End Use
Published 29. August 2016 - 13:29 - Updated 29. March 2017 - 17:56