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Crystal Turnbull

Crystal Turnbull


Crystal Turnbull


What are your goals in this board function for 2022?

Enrolling in courses is an essential part of the PhD journey. Each candidate has the freedom to direct their studies in any way they see fit but of course, that choice should also contribute to academic excellence that reflects NMBU. My hope is that every PhD candidate has that opportunity by having a diverse range of courses available, as well as those courses being of a sufficiently high academic level that fosters academic excellence.


What is your position and research topic at NMBU?

I am a very proud PhD candidate in the Plant Biology and Biotechnology group at NMBU (Institute of Plant Sciences). My work focuses on the necrotrophic fungus Botrytis cinerea (gray mold) that causes devastating effects on strawberry production in Norway and globally. You can follow me on Twitter @BullCrys for all things plant science.


Magnus Merkle (Deputy)


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