Academic Committee

Yashwant Singh Yadav

Yashwant Singh Yadav


Yashwant Singh Yadav


What are your goals in this board function for 2022?

The PhD journey is exhilarating and yet a solitary endeavour for sure! Given that COVID has triggered increased anxieties, uncertainties and general sense of lack of direction & routine amongst early stage researchers, I would want to focus on organizing events and seminars to aid SoDoC members to better navigate their research and academic /professional development goals in this ‘new normal’ and prepare themselves for opportunities both within & outside academia. Suggestions and ideas are welcome!


What is your position and research topic at NMBU?

I am a second year PhD candidate in the School of Economics & Business at NMBU. My research interests lie at the intersection of Organization Design and Strategy. I am passionate about Sustainability and Green Transition.


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