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Erik Paulshus

I am the SoDoC Campus Adamstuen committee leader. My role is to be a link between the PhD and (recently) Postdoc students of Adamstua, and organize the local SoDoC board (meetings, PhD events) on the veterinary campus with good help from the other board members.

Erik Paulshus

What department are you from and what are you trying to find out with your research?
I’m stationed at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Institute for Food Safety and Infection Biology. I have been collecting sewage samples from three locations for about a year now. I look at contributors in relation to the spread of antibiotic resistance. By cultivating bacteria and looking at their resistance profiles, as well as collaborating with other groups in order to determine levels of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes in the same samples, I try to locate hot spots for antibiotic resistance dissemination. I am very happy with the work environment at my department. We’re a social little group, located at Lindern, the small yellow building right outside the Adamstuen campus fences. It’s a shitty job, but makes for great puns!

Where are you from and where else have you lived?
I was born and raised in Oslo, and stayed here since, so not quite the globetrotter like I know a lot of your guys are, but I do enjoy traveling to see new places with different cultures and nature.

What is your favorite thing about NMBU/favorite thing about Norway in general?
Definitely the group of people that I meet every day at work, as well as the veterinary student mass in which I still know quite a few of them from recently having graduated. Besides that, I suppose I’m a bit used to how things are in Norway and love all of it, so that picking a favorite thing would be difficult.

How do you like to spend your spare time?
I play handball, although I am currently on a break due to an injury. I love hanging out with new people as well as catching up with old ones. Otherwise I like to waste my time playing computer games and watching TV.

What can SoDoC do to improve life for PhD candidates at NMBU?
I believe SoDoC lowers the threshold for having someone with which to share one’s problems. It can be tough telling someone about a colleague or boss one does not get along with. A prerequisite for providing assistance is that you dare to make that dreadful phone call or send that confidential email to someone that you can trust and SoDoC tries to be there for those that are in need of help. SoDoC also has a noteworthy influence on matters like PhD courses and representing the PhD community in various committees, and yearly arrange social gatherings like the spring and autumn BBQs, cabin trips, skiing trips etc. These are great ways to make new friends or just have a good time!

Published 11. May 2017 - 10:20 - Updated 8. November 2017 - 11:23

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