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Sabina Sibcic

I am NOVA representative. NOVA is a university cooperation aimed at supporting the understanding of major global challenges in a Nordic context. Its main task is to initiate, administer, promote and financially support cooperation between the Nordic universities in postgraduate education.

Sabina Sibcic

NOVA’s main acitivty is intensive PhD courses. I have a privilege to represent interests of our students, disseminate information about courses and benefits of attending the same and encourage them to participate.

What department are you from and what are you trying to find out with your research?
I sit at the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, Campus Adamstuen in Oslo and I work with the acute and non-infectious mastitis in the bitch during lactation period. Mammary gland health project, of which I am a part, has a main focus on health improvement of a dam and the newborn puppies. In order to reduce neonatal death, we will try to find out the causes of drop in milk compositional quality and mastitis pathology.

 Where are you from and where else have you lived?
I am originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Before coming to Norway, I have also lived in Austria. I have hunger for learning and experiencing new things and cultures.

What is your favorite thing about NMBU/favorite thing about Norway in general?
While the whole world is leading the fight for gender equality, NMBU affirms, encourage and give priority to women in science.
There is definitely no better place on Earth for a nature lover like me. I enjoy sunrises and sunsets with my favorite cup of coffee. Sky has special colors here and waterfalls in the middle of the capital will leave you speechless.

How do you like to spend your spare time?
I try to spend all my spare time with the people I love. I am also a movie fanatic, so when I have some extra money I don’t mind to spend it at the cinema or exploring new destinations.

What can SoDoC do to improve life for PhD candidates at NMBU?
Stress comes as no surprise to any PhD. We know from our own experience that this is a long and thorny path. Among all the other aforementioned activities, by providing a moral support we may help our students and colleagues to overcome obstacles and to feel less lonely.

Published 11. May 2017 - 10:25 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:08

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