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Rajesh Joshi


I represent SiN from the SoDoc board. SiN is the association of Doctoral Organisations in Norway ( and I serve as the vice-president in SiN.

Rajesh Joshi

Is this your first tenure in SoDoc?
No, this is my second. I was SiN representative on the SoDoc board for the last year also.

How is your experience at SiN ?
Well, the experience has been great with lots of learning opportunities. Working with the PhDs from different universities with different backgrounds is itself challenging. And this year we are organizing the European level conference and AGM for Eurodoc board, which meant lots of work and commitment.

What department are you from and what are you working on?
I am working at IHA, Biovit with Tilapia, trying to select the fish based on heterosis. Though I say that I work with fish, I have never seen the fish of my experiment. I just get the data and analyse it in the computer.

Where are you from and where else have you lived?
I am from Nepal and grew up in Kathmandu- the capital city. Though Nepal has mountains, I had never touched the snow before coming to Europe (as the lower hills in Nepal never receives snow). I did my Bachelor in veterinary Science in Nepal. Then I stayed each year in the Netherlands (Wageningen) and Vienna during my masters in Animal Breeding and genetics. After that, I am now here in Norway since September 2015.

How do you like to spend your spare time?
Well sometimes, it is difficult to find out spare time in the PhD. J I am socially involved with other organisations also: such as Nepalese community in Ås and Erasmus Mundus Alumni- Nepal, where we celebrate Nepali festivals (and believe me Nepal has lots of festivals J ).  Besides that, I like cycling and travelling.

Published 11. May 2017 - 12:13 - Updated 19. February 2018 - 17:38

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