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Hannah Harrison

I am the leader of SoDoC for 2017. My job is to work with the SoDoC board to direct the work of the organization. My main interests this year are to help establish SoDoC as an organization at NMBU dedicated to the interests and well-being of PhD and Postdoc students.

Hannah Harrison

I think we already are on the way to accomplishing this goal, and I hope to contribute my leadership and efforts to make SoDoC an organization with a positive and significant reputation for advocacy and opportunity for our membership.

What department are you from and what are you trying to find out with your research?
I sit in MINA, or the Fakultet for miljøvitenskap og naturforvaltning as part of the nature-based tourism research group. My research is focused on the human dimensions of wild Atlantic salmon cultivation in Norway, Wales, and Germany. I am part of the IMPRESS program (, an Initial Training Network (ITN) of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions funded by the EU Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020. I work with 14 other early-stage researchers to study methods by which to help protect Europe’s iconic fish species, specifically salmon, eel, and sturgeon. In my research I work with small-scale hatchery operators and angling groups to learn how salmon cultivation is done at the local level. I love my project because I get to work with a great group of international researchers and my fieldwork takes me out fishing!

I am also really interested in the PhD experience, particularly in how PhD candidates wade through the murky waters of achieving the doctoral degree.

Where are you from and where else have you lived?
I am originally from Homer, Alaska, USA. I have also lived in Thailand, Zambia, and now Norway! I enjoy traveling and seeing new places.

What is your favorite thing about NMBU/favorite thing about Norway in general?
I really enjoy the research environment at NMBU, the opportunities for funding, and the encouragement to put effort into research dissemination and communication. I appreciate Norway’s support of the democratic process, and how everyone is given an opportunity to participate, speak, and give input on decisions. I also love the on-time trains and health care!

How do you like to spend your spare time?
In my “spare time” (can you have spare time during a PhD?) I like to read, catch up on my favorite shows, exercise outside, and travel. I also really enjoy meeting other PhD students, so if you see me on campus, stop and say hello!

What can SoDoC do to improve life for PhD candidates at NMBU?
I think SoDoC helps PhD and Postdoc students by providing a community of peers who have similar interests and experiences. We improve life by giving students an outlet to seek information, enjoy social or academic activities, and integrate into the Norwegian research environment. We also expose students to information, opportunities, and resources to support mental health, job searches after the PhD, and a better PhD experience here at NMBU.

Published 11. May 2017 - 9:52 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:08

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