SoDoC goes skiing to Hemsedal 2022

Registration opens on 21st February 11:59 am at
SoDoC will go skiing to Hemsedal on the weekend 4th March-6th March.
There will be space for 30 people and the registration opens exactly at 11:59 am Monday, 21st February. So please stay alert about registration time. The registration will close automatically after 35 people registers and 5 people will be kept in the waiting list based on first come first serve. People with cars and driving licenses will be prioritized if we do not have enough drivers within the first 30 lists.
The participation cost for the skiing trip will be 300 kroner / person and it will cover the transportation, accommodation, and food (dinner-breakfast-dinner-breakfast). Hence, your participation will not be confirmed unless you pay 300 kroner to SoDoC account within 3 days after we send you the email for payment of the participation cost.
SoDoC encourages the people registered for the ski trip to take their own car which will help us to minimize the number of cars we have to rent for this trip. Additionally, those who take their own car will be compensated 4 kroner / km along with the gasoline cost.
Practical information about the location:
We will stay in Skogshornstua hytte, Hemsedal
Skogshornstua is located in very scenic surroundings in Hemsedal, approx. 860 masl The cabin has panoramic views to Skogshorn and Storevann. In the area, there are several beautiful fishing lakes where trout bounce. In winter, a hiking trail network is prepared right outside the door.
Skiing location:
For skiing, we will go to Hemsedam skiing center where cross country skiing is free of cost if you have your own equipment while you need to buy the pass for alpine skiing. It will also be possible to rent the skis if you do not have yours but for that, you have to provide information earlier. We can not promise about renting but we can try to request them as it is the peak time of skiing and there will be many people making skiing trips in the week 8, 9,10.
Further information will be provided to those who get confirmation of their participation.
Published 1. March 2022 - 13:25 - Updated 30. August 2022 - 13:41