SoDoC goes climbing! AGAIN!

Location: Oslo Sommerpark, Tryvannsveien 64, 0710 Oslo

Date: saturday, September 22nd

SoDoC will go to the climbing park at Oslo Sommerpark! It is an aerial ropes course where you climb across different obstacles while wearing a harness. There are ziplines, swings, rope bridges, logs, ladders, climbing walls etc. You can read more about the park here (Norwegian or English)

Fill the registration form HERE

Cost: 100,- (50,- for quota PhD students). SoDoC is sponsoring most of the climbing cost. You pay for transportation to and from the Sommerpark (57,-Ås / 37,-Oslo) and food.


If you have never done something like this before, no worries, there are routes for beginners which are very close to the ground J. If you are really experienced, you still be challenged, as there are red- and black-level routes which are up to 20m above the ground and require a good deal of strength and dexterity. And of course there are plenty of routes for people of intermediate strength and skill level

Bring a snack and wear comfortable clothes. There are lockers at the park where you can store your things as it is not very comfortable to have a backpack on while climbing. It is also a good idea to wear gloves -  if you don’t have any suitable for climbing, you can rent them for 25,- at the park.

We will leave Ås at 09:50 on Sunday morning on the train to Oslo. Then from Nationaltheatret, we will take the t-bane (metro), line 1, to the stop called Voksenkollen and walk for about 10 mins to get to the park. If you live in Oslo we will meet you at the climbing park. It is also free to park there if you prefer to drive.


09:40 Meet at Ås station

11:30 arrive at Oslo Sommerpark

16:30: go to Oslo for dinner & drinks


Transfer the 100 nok fee (50,- for quota PhD students) to 11004495537. Once you have paid, fill the registration form HERE. You can also pay in cash. Send a e-mailto

Registration deadline is September 20, but spots are limited so it is possible they will be filled before that. We will send a confirmation email to all the participants by September 21.


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