SoDoC is going sledding!

Need for speed? 
(As well as outdoor winter joys) 
Then join us for sledding at the 2 km long downhill in Oslo! 
This requires no special skills or knowledge and is super fun! 
(also, there's public transport to take you up the hill, so at no point will you be forced to exercise) 

SoDoC covers the cost of renting the sled but the transport is on you. 

After a couple of hours of sledding, we can all go have a beer somewhere :) 

To register send your name and status (PhD, postdoc or early stage temporary employee) to 

Registration deadline - Friday, 9th of February, 12:00. 
After that, everyone that registers will get an email with more details.

facebook event here

Published 6. February 2018 - 15:41 - Updated 6. February 2018 - 15:41