Social events

The social committee of SoDoC is about making life as a NMBU PhD student a little more fun! We believe that interacting in a relaxed social atmosphere with fellow students is necessary for a successful completion of the PhD degree.

We arranged events of different nature such as skiing trips, a trip to the solar observatory in Harestua, barbeques and waffle afternoons.

The social committee is open to all PhD candidates both Internationals and Norwegians. New members are very welcome. Feel free to contact the leader of the social committee Viktorija Viciunaite (HH) if you are interested in joining.

See you at the next social gathering!

Ballonglogo, 2009
Ballonglogo, 2009 Photo: Kjersti Srlie Rimer
Published 28. January 2015 - 9:44 - Updated 16. February 2016 - 10:51