Young scholars' seminar at NIH: Academic free speech and minorities

Young researchers have been given the opportunity to develop knowledge, but do we have the confidence to convey it in an critical climate of expression? And how should we react as colleagues?

The Norwegian Sports Academy's Fellow and postdoctoral organization and the local Researchers' Association invite us to Sognsvann, physically on Wednesday 11 May at 10-15, to the seminar «With knowledge and will: the academic's freedom of expression». Here we will discuss why dissemination is such an important part of our job, what public and social pressure we experience when we express ourselves and how we should participate in debates concerning minorities and vulnerable groups.

The main speaker is NTNU director Bjørn Haugstad, among the panelists are the top researchers on the subject Kjersti Thorbjørnsrud and Fredrik Thue, as well as researcher in indigenous studies and critical theory, Kristin Gregers Eriksen. There will also be an internal panel where our rector and two of our PhD students will discuss "co-creation: how do we understand freedom of expression here at NIH?" Here we go further into the social and psychological to create safe utterances.

Registration is done her. More info can be found on the event page/ arrangementsiden.

As a hot topic, the Kierulf report came before Easter with recommendations to amend the Universities and University Colleges Act and make knowledge of the duty to communicate and freedom of expression a mandatory part of the doctoral course. In addition, they recommended that universities be required to ensure PhDs and postdocs time during working hours to convey what we do to the public.

P.S. The event is only in Norwegian this time (usually our events are in English), yet it is open for all, both academics, administration staff and the general public.
Exciting times!
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Margrethe Voll Storaas
Leader NIHSPO 21/22
Research Fellow in Philosophy
Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
Published 3. May 2022 - 13:00 - Updated 3. May 2022 - 13:00