The Paragraph Magic Webinar : complexity was never so simple, Research is complex.

There is so much going on, so much that is relevant how do you make it all connect and make sense without getting tangled in a knot of ideas? In short how do you achieve clarity and flow in your argument?

Writing clearly about complex things is not easy, but the way to get there is simpler than you might imagine.

And the key is paragraphs.

In this short and powerful webinar, Dr. Dan Soule will show you how understanding how paragraphs work contains the magic ingredient to unlocking clarity and flow. The lessons of structure, editing and rewriting paragraphs scale through the whole document, if you know the trick.

All this in a 1-hour presentation, with a short Q and A at the end. After this you'll never edit in the same way again.


About the speaker : Dr Dan Soule is a sought-after research writing trainer, known for his bright and energetic style. A former university lecturer and published academic, Dan now teaches at universities all over the UK, Ireland and Norway. Dan is also a fiction author, having published nine books and over 30 short stories, and the only thing he loves as much as writing is teaching.



10-11: 30 AM

24 th February'22


Zoom Link :

Meeting ID: 814 0677 9558

Passcode: 573323

Published 9. February 2022 - 19:50 - Updated 9. February 2022 - 22:21