SoDoC seminar: Preparing for the ´kappe´

This seminar explores the challenges of writing the framing introduction (often called the ´kappe´) for an article-based thesis, and considers how to prepare to write it.
Many PhD candidates struggle to connect their research to the continuous and systematic work of building up a scientific thesis. When PhD evaluation committees recommend that the submitted theses should be revised, it is often the introductory section ("kappe/summary") that has weaknesses.
The seminar first considers the academic and practical challenges involved in the kappe, and emphasises the importance of its strong unifying narrative. The seminar will involve presentation and discussion. Though the central focus is on the kappe, the seminar is intended to be relevant to PhD candidates at all stages!
Participants are invited to do a little groundwork before the seminar:
• Find a PhD thesis in your scientific field that you find inspiring, and bring it to the seminar (electronically or in paper form!).
• Check any specific guidance in your institution on kappa preparation
The seminar is held by Tim Richardson, Head of the PhD Programme in Society, Development and Planning.
Space is limited, so do not wait to sign up if you want to participate in person. Signing up is done by filling out a form (link below). The seminar will also be streamed, and a link will be sent out to all participants beforehand.
Published 8. September 2020 - 9:35 - Updated 8. September 2020 - 9:35