Career Centre: Register for Career Day (digital)

We hope you had a nice summer. Here some info from the Career Centre:

The Career Day coming up 14 October will be digital. The intention of the Career Day is to create an arena where companies can meet students. PhD candidates are welcome to register to participate.  To participate in the Career Day you need to create a profile on the NMBUS Career Portal on this link. To be able to register, you must use your NMBU account (e-mail, canvas, student web). PhD students can thus participate in the digital Career Day free of charge.

- Do you need feedback on your resume or job application, interview training or career guidance? We offer counselling online. The career counsellor at NMBU is available also after you finish your degree. Find a link on this web page to book time with the career counsellor. Be aware that you may only book the appointment for two weeks in advance!


Published 14. August 2020 - 9:47 - Updated 14. August 2020 - 9:47