What is your question to the rector?

Do you have any concerns about your academic development due to COVID 19? Have you lost working hours in the field or in the lab, or due to caring for your child at home? Do you feel isolated and not able to stay productive at home? Do you feel that the university has provided you with enough information and support on how to handle lost working hours due to COVID19?

Tomorrow there will be a Digital allmøte, a meeting where the rector will speak to all students and employees.

It will be possible to send live questions and comments and, as SoDoC, we’d like to express our academic and social concerns due to COVID19.

So tell us, what is your question to the rector?
Is there any issue that should be voiced?

Any matter raised will be followed up also beyond this allmøte but it can be a good start of discussion.

You can contact us via the SoDoC facebook page or per email: SoDoC@nmbu.no

Published 12. May 2020 - 14:12 - Updated 12. May 2020 - 14:12