SoDoC Lunch Seminar Oct. 23, 2019: Overcoming Hard Times in the PhD

We all know that the PhD is a rollercoaster with a few fantastic “ups” and a few more “downs”. In some cases, though, the “down” part of the journey can become burdensome and overwhelming for several reasons such an unhealthy working environment, an excessive load of work, discouraging results or multiple, nasty, paper rejections.
The result of hardship on the PhD candidate can be the insurgence of mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression or panic attacks. This should not happen.
It is important to seek help, for us or for those around us, before the situations gets critical…
but… where do we seek help?
The hardest thing when facing challenging times may be to figure out where and how to get support, counseling, or even just a bit of objective advice by a person external to the facts.
Join us the 23rd of October in the BTB library to learn more about the resources available for all PhD students in NMBU.

We will hear presentations from the PhD office, the Unions, the student legal counsel in NMBU (Studentombudet) and from a Psychiatrist and we will talk about how we can overcome the hard times and successfully finish the PhD, without losing our sanity. We will also hear the inspiring stories and the advice of some of the students that made it through!
We can discuss the topic further over some food and coffee: SoDoC will provide lunch and refreshments for all those that sign up on the Facebook event!
The detailed program will be available soon on our Facebook page, please sign up to the Facebook event if you want to be counted for the lunch :)

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Published 7. October 2019 - 13:27 - Updated 7. October 2019 - 13:27