SoDoC cabin trip to Hjartdal in Telemark

This year the SoDoC cabin trip is going to Hjartdal in Telemark!

Hjartdal is only 2.5 hours driving from Ås and Oslo and the area has nice views and great possibilities for a nice Saturday hike. 
We will be staying in a big cabin with electricity, running water, a big kitchen and sauna’s. 
You can already check out the cabin and area if you are curious:

So if you like multicultural food, nature and are looking forward to a social weekend just join SoDoC on this cabin weekend!

Registration will be open from Monday the 19th of August from 12.00. 

To register for the trip:

  1. Fill out the registration form:
    Note: Registration opens Monday 19th at 12.00 and the deadline is the 28th of August.
  2. Pay the registration fee (50 NOK for Quota/Norhead students and 100 NOK for others) within three days of registration to SoDoCs account 11004495537.

Please indicate it's for the cabin trip. This fee covers everything: all food for the weekend, cabin costs and travel expenses! 

Remember to register via the link and complete the payment, because it is not enough to register for the facebook event only!

Published 19. August 2019 - 10:35 - Updated 19. August 2019 - 10:35