Managing the PhD: Roles and Responsibilities (lunch + workshop)

The management of the PhD project can be challenging, especially if one does not have a clear picture of roles and responsibilities.  Join NMBU faculty Dr. Arild Stavne and Dr. Tim Richardson for a lunch workshop where they will share their knowledge about how an efficient PhD project should be managed and about understanding the duties that a PhD student and a Supervisor have towards each other and towards the project.

The discussion will be on 18th of June and it will include topics like:
- how should a successful PhD project plan be organised?
- Where does the PhD candidate stand in the project? What are the actual responsibilities?
- What is the role of the supervisor and what should be expected for a successful supervision?

Attendees will also have a chance to ask questions and discuss with other PhDs especially during the lunch break. PhDs in all stages of their work are welcome.

Location will be announced after we see how many people are interested in attending. Please select "Going" on the Facebook event (Click here for link) to be included in the official count.

Published 28. May 2019 - 22:55 - Updated 28. May 2019 - 22:55