Have you heard abou NMBU-BIL, the employee sports team?

BIL currently consists of several different groups. The purpose of calling an activity for a group is that it is easier to show when an activity is exercising / meeting so that others can join

BIL would like to interact more with the PhD-Students.

The reasons:

  1. We want to make the opportunities in NMBU-BIL more available for you
  2. Based on experience, we see that PhD-students wants to organize events/spare time activities
  3. We think you are a valuable resource for the future of NMBU-BIL, as some of you might stay at NMBU for some years.
  4. It’s fun (8and if it’s fun, it is usually also good for your health:)


-You can start new groups within NMBU-BIL

-You get refund on the fee (75% of it) when participating in events/competitions, where the sports team has a group

-NMBU-BIl has its annual meeting late February/early March; there are usually possibilities for being a board member.


What we would like

-That you send out some short info about NMBU-BIL in your next email to your members

-That we can get a slot in your next board meeting to tell a bit about us, and that we can make some ideas about what to do next.

You ahve a question? Ask here

Published 23. November 2018 - 15:25 - Updated 23. November 2018 - 15:25