NMBU needs your feedback!

The results of this survey will help determine how supervisors are trained in an upcoming PhD Supervision training course (offered this autumn). So, please answer honestly and in detail! Your responses will make a difference to future PhD students and supervisors.

From the NMBU Research Dept:

It is of importance to NMBU that the PhD education works the way it should. To make it possible to see what it’s like to be a PhD candidate at NMBU and to improve we need to know what you think. A survey has now been made so that everyone in a NMBU PhD programme can give their opinion. By having your opinion we can find out what works well and we can do more of, and what needs to be improved.
All replies given in the survey are anonymous. We are not able to trace any answers or comments to specific persons. Hence the survey will be undertaken once a year.
Your reply will be set according to one of the following three phases of a NMBU education:
1. Application and admission to a PhD programme at NMBU (/the start seminar)
2. Coursework and implementation of the coursework (/Mid seminar)
3. Submitting the thesis and the trial lecture and public defence (/concluding seminar)

Link to the survey:
Survey deadline: 1. October

Published 19. August 2017 - 10:37 - Updated 19. August 2017 - 10:37