SoDoC Christmas potluck

The season is here! Whether you like it or hate it, Christmas is approaching and that presents us with an opportunity to have dinner together.
Since SoDoC cannot finance a Christmas dinner for all interested PhDs, we're making this a potluck (we hope you were coming to the other events not only for the free stuff :) ).
For those of you that aren't familliar with the concept, a potluck dinner means that you bring a dish (and drinks) with you and we share everything there is.

The date is Nov 27, 14.00, and the place will be announced later (we're still looking for a spacious living room, so if you happen to have one and would like to host, please get in touch with us :) ).

Please sign up by writing a mail to

Published 16. November 2016 - 13:35 - Updated 16. November 2016 - 13:35