Reminder: AGM!

The annual report for 2015 is now published here!

We would like to remind everyone of the up-coming AGM and Dinner party on February 1st.

The two main points during the AGM will be the merger of DIOV and FODOS and the election of the new board. Many PhDs from the old board are leaving their positions and we are desperately in need of people to take over. We therefore encourage everyone to get involved in the PhD lobby work and become active. Especially new PhD candidates!

You can read about the work we do here and in the current annual report. The positions we need to fill are:

  • Leader - coordinates, calls in board meetings and AGM and is the main contact person
  • Head of Adamstua committee - is main contact person at Adamstua and organizes events there
  • Secretary/Deputy - helps and assists the leader and the other board members
  • Treasurer - compiles budget and keeps track of incomes and expenses
  • Head of social committee - organizes social events (parties, trips, etc.) that bring PhDs together
  • Head of Academic committee - organizes seminars, group discussions etc. and helps you with academic issues
  • Webmaster - keeps Facebook and website up-to-date
  • SiN - represents NMBU in the Norwegian PhD organization SiN
  • NOVA - represents NMBU in the NOVA research school and helps to organize courses
  • FU - represents PhD in NMBU's research committe (forskningsutvalget)

And don't forget to sign up for the Dinnerparty!

See you,

FODOS board

Published 19. January 2016 - 12:56 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:15