[Edit] New name contest!

Dear PhD fellows, it's time to shed our skin!

NMBU's PhD associations DIOV (Doktorgradkandidatenes Interesse Organisasjon for Veterinærmiljøene) and FODOS (FOrum for DOctoral Students) are planning to merge into one association by the beginning of next year. A new association also needs a new name and we hope you will help us to find one!

Send YOUR suggestion(s) to fodosevents@gmail.com until 6th of November, in English and/or Norwegian. You can submit as many names as the inspiration goes.

A jury of DIOV and FODOS board members will choose a selection of the best suggestions, which will then be submitted to your votes in November. The one name gaining most of the votes will become official on 2nd December.

Its author will receive a free ticket for any big upcoming events (Ski trips, autumn trips…) and more. The unfortunate finalists will receive presents as well. A funny prize will come to the author of the funniest suggestion.

FODOS Academic Committee

Published 15. October 2015 - 14:19 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:17