Payday lunch and discussion

FODOS invites all PhD students to this month's payday lunch on Tuesday, September 15th at 11.30 in the yellow room (economy building).
We would like to use the opportunity to inform about and discuss with you the issue that the PhD students at Adamstuen usually receive credit points for posters and presentations at national and international conferences, while students at Ås are denied this, even when they belong to the same department and NMBU officially offers a corresponding "course". We feel that there is a lot of confusion about this regulation and many PhD students have never heard about it, so we would like to hear the students' opinions about this matter.
Hope to see many of you at the lunch, and bring fellow students from your department! This is a matter that is relevant for all of us!
Lunch can be purchased at the canteen or you can bring your own food.

Published 7. September 2015 - 12:13 - Updated 10. September 2015 - 12:48