[Reminder] Evaluation of PhD programs at NMBU (FODOS survey)

As some of you know, we are meeting with the rector of NMBU on June 3. In preparation for the meeting, and to improve the quality of PhD education at NMBU, we have created a survey for you to fill out. It will only take 5 minutes and we would really appreciate your contribution! Please complete the survey by May 29 (next Friday).
We are very interested in your opinion! We hope to use the results of the survey to improve the experiences and well-being of PhD students at NMBU.

Thank you to everybody who has filled out the survey and said their opinion so far! We received a lot of valuable feedback about the situation of PhD students at NMBU and it has become quite clear already which issues students struggle with. We would like to remind everybody who hasn't participated yet to do so because this is a unique oppportunity to make yourself heard. The more students participate, the more representative this survey becomes and the more important our voice becomes. Deadline for participating is Friday, May 29.

Published 21. May 2015 - 12:51 - Updated 26. May 2015 - 8:39