FODOS Board Meeting

FODOS is inviting all PhD students for our next board meeting! Even if you're not a board member, you are welcome to join and be informed about upcoming events or even candidate for one of the open positions in the board. This is a great opportunity to actively shape the situation for PhD students at NMBU!

Preliminary agenda:

  • Budget
  • Board meeting with DIOV (PhD student organization at Campus Adamstua)
  • Meeting with rector
  • Research committee/forskningsutvalget (2 representatives)
  • election of new study committee (studieutvalget) representative (looking for volunteers!!)
  • social events for the summer
  • miscelleaneous

Feel free to raise any other topics you might have.

Time and place:

Tue May 5th, 5 PM

HU139 Håkonshall (IHA building)

Published 31. October 2016 - 17:55 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:21