Welcome to SASS week 2: Carl Henrik Gørbitz

Students with a University degree usually have good theoretical and practical
knowledge within their field of research, but potential employers (and others) are
also looking for other types of qualifications. Among them is the ability to present
scientific material in front of a (critical!) audience. Realizing that our students had
very received very little training in this regard, the Department of Chemistry at the
University of Oslo decided in 2012 to offer a 5 ETC-credits one semester course:
KJM-MENA4030 Scientific presentation techniques,
This well-received course, arranged for the third time in the autumn of 2014 by
professor Carl Henrik Gørbitz, cover speaking in public, poster preparation and
writing applications for job and funding. The lecture at NMBU will discuss the
essentials of the first topic: The basic presentation skills, how to create a good
story, and the possibilities and pitfalls of using a presentation program like

P.S.: Teachers may also find it useful to attend (and students might be pleased
that they do)
Scientific presentation techniques
Speaker: Carl Henrik Gørbitz
Friday, 6 February 2015
12:15 – 13:15 

Tower building (Tårnbygningen) TU101. Bring your lunch!

Email fodosevent@gmail.com for more information or to register your attendance!

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