UMB's Research Foundation

For 2021, a total of up to NOK 200,000 will be awarded, and the maximum application amount is NOK 30,000.

Attached is a summary of the purposes for which support can be applied for and the possibility of support this year.

UMB's Research Foundation is announcing scholarships for 2021

The application must contain:

  • A short (2 - 3 pages) popular science project description and a letter of support from the supervisor
  • Budget for the project, which must be detailed, reflect the project's goals and activities, and specify any other sources of funding
  • An account of how the project complies with § 2 of the fund's by-laws. Support can be applied for several purposes at the same time.
  • A short description showing the applicant's affiliation with the study or PhD program, supervisor and faculty at NMBU 

Applications are submitted through UNIFOR's application portal that can be found at the foundation’s pages at UNIFOR. Those applications that do not meet the formal requirements will not be considered.

The application deadline is March 30, 2021.

Information about the announcement within forestry

Gudrun and Sigurd Haaheims Minnefond

Scholarships for students and young researchers in forestry at MINA and the Department of Real Estate and Law at LANDSAM. Emphasis is placed on supporting 1) applicants who are professionally strong or who have otherwise excelled positively and 2) work with master's theses and research assignments related to pine forests in Western Norway, mountain forests in Eastern Norway and forests in general in the Ringerike / Tyrifjord region. Female applicants have reserved the right to approximately 5% of the scholarship amount.
Comment 2021: Up to NOK 40,000. Awarded preferably to students and PhD students.

Engineer F. H. Frølich's Foundation

Scholarship to promote quality production of deciduous trees. The board may decide to provide support for related forestry issues.
Comment 2021: Up to NOK 100,000. Quality production of deciduous trees will be prioritized, but other aspects related to deciduous tree production / deciduous forests will be considered. Students (master and PhD) will be given priority.

Prof. Agnar Barth's travel and study fund

Travel scholarships that can be given to scientific staff in forestry, as well as forestry candidates graduated from NLH/UMB/NMBU, to study forestry conditions at home and abroad.
Comment 2021: Up to NOK 30,000. Master's students and PhD students can apply for support for travel in connection with a master's thesis / dissertation.

Alma Ester and Halvdan Rosenberg's Foundation

Scholarships for study trips at home and abroad for master's students in forestry at MINA. The funds cannot be used for travel organized by NMBU (incl. hovedutferd). Comment 2021: Up to NOK 3,000.

Hartmann Bollerød's scholarship

Awarded last year's best master's student in forestry. Comment 2021: It is not possible to apply for support from this fund

Information about the call within general research at NMBU

The Norwegian University of Agricultural Sciences' research fund

Support for agricultural science activities at NMBU and other research institutions in the form of scholarships for research and for study trips at home and abroad. Comment 2021: Up to NOK 30,000 to master's and PhD students.

DNB's research fund at the Norwegian School of Agricultural Sciences

To support scientific work with major research tasks in subject areas where research is conducted at NMBU, including coverage of travel expenses. Comment 2021: No money will be awarded for this purpose in 2021.

Tollef Kilde's research fund linked to the Student Society (Studentsamfunnet) in Ås

To encourage and support research work, which is carried out by the members of the Student Society. The fund's funds can also be used for study trips for special purposes or for specified tasks.
Comment 2021: Up to NOK 10,000. Support for work in connection with master's theses is a priority. Membership in the Student Society in Ås must be documented.

Information about the announcement in plant protection, soil culture and fertilization

NLH's fund for plant protection and soil culture research

Funds are awarded for research and study trips within 1) weed biology and weed control, 2) soil culture and fertilization and 3) agricultural research in general.
Comment 2021: Up to NOK 10,000 to master's and PhD students.

Information about the announcement within pedagogy and study quality

NLH's joint fund to promote particularly good pedagogical efforts and improve study quality

Awarded to measures that can contribute to stimulating good pedagogical efforts and increased study quality. Scholarships can also be awarded to foreign students who want shorter study stays at NLH.
Comment 2021: No funds will be awarded for this purpose in 2021

Information about the announcement in dairy and food science

Director K. K. Hejes and wife Bertha Hejes, born Kjuus ’Legat

Support to promote agriculture in Norway through an increase in the economy of milk production. Scientific studies of milk and milk products with a view to improving quality in order to be competitive in domestic and foreign markets. The surveys can be carried out at domestic or foreign institutes, but preferably at the Norwegian School of Agricultural Sciences' dairy department. Studies of the dairy products' turnover conditions are also supported. Comment 2021: No funds will be awarded for this purpose in 2021.


If you have any question regarding the application procedure, please contact UNIFOR at


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