Research project consent and implementation

Granting the application:

Consortium agreements:

NFR's contract templates must be used for NFR agreements (collaboration agreements and consortiium agreements).

Should it be necessary to use other solutions than what is provided by NFR, this must be approved by the legal adviser at NMBU Research Support Office, Vegard Arnhoff.

All projects funded by NFR are subject to NMBU's IPR guidelines.

All final versions of the attachments must be complete before the agreement may be signed. Start-up of any project may only take place after the agreement has been settled and signed.

Data Management Plans:

The Norwegian Research Council currently has a requirement that all projects in their funding must have Data Management Plans (DMP). More information.

Project implementation:


The Norwegian Research Council complies with the National guidelines for open acess to research results, which determine that:

  1. Scientific articles from publicly funded research must be made available. Researchers should investigate the opportunities to publish their articles in open journals and chose open where appropriate. Only a few exceptions will allow withdrawing the articles from open archives.
  2. All scientific articles based on public funding must be deposited in its appropriate scientific archive at the point of publication at the latest. NMBU's scientific archive is called NMBU Brage and articles will be uploaded from Cristin (post print version).

Forskningsrådet krever også at prosjektkoden (seks-sifret tall) registreres på publikasjoner i Cristin (krav fra 1. okt 2017). Se informasjon her

Research data:

Research data upon which scientific publication or a concluded project is based must be archived (deposited) in approved national or international archives. Read about Data Management Plans (DMP), archives, and sharing and storing research data.

NMBU has their own guidelines for handling research data, information on this web page

All research data from projects funded by the Norwegian Research Council should be open data. Some situations may make it viable for the data not to be open. Read more on the Norwegian Research Councils web pages.




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