Writing a good application - The Norwegian Research Council and other National sources

All applications must be according to the administrative and financial follow-up of projects funded from national and Nordic research funding

The Norwegian Research Council (NFR)

Planning and developing the application:

NFR have a few formal deadlines during the year

  • 2. February
  • 9. February
  • 16. March
  • 25. May
  • 21. September
  • 16. November

All applications must be submitted electronically (Electronic application form) The service discontinues at the deadline date!

Current calls may be found in NFR's list of calls for proposals.

Application support:

NMBU offers application support, and support concerning recruitment positions and funds in the operating phase of the projects with NFR funding. Development support for applications and operation of projects.


NFR's rates for personell costs, indirect costs (TDI model) and grants must be used. Should you use Research Infrastructure Resource (RIR) model at NMBU (laboratories and research infrastructure) in the research project, it has to be budgeted for in the application to NFR. Information about RIR (text is in Norwegian).  

The quality of all budgets must be assured by the faculty's treasurer. 

Approving applications:

Applications sent from NMBU must be approved by the faculty (Dean). The Dean/ administration must be involved parties in reasonable time prior to the application deadline.

Søknader om Senter for fremragende forskning (SFF), Senter for forskningsdrevet innovasjon (SFI), Forskningssentre for miljøvennlig energi (FME), INFRASTRUKTUR og FRIPRO Toppforsk skal godkjennes av dekan og rektor før den kan sendes. Søkeren må involvere dekan/ administrasjonen ved fakultetet og Forskningsavdelingen (sentralt) i god tid før søknadsfristen.

There is a limit to the number of applications to be submitted:

You can only be project manager for one application submitted for either a Researcher Project for Scientific Renewal (this call), Researcher Project for Young Talents, Three-year Researcher Project with International Mobility, Knowledge-building Project for Industry or Collaborative Project to meet Societal and Industry-related Challenges, all with a deadline of either 10 or 17 February 2021. You may be project participant in an unlimited number of applications.

Common assessment criteria

In 2019 the Research Council introduced new assessment criteria for overall assessment of grant proposals: Excellence, Impact and Implementation. (Link to their web page)
The three criteria have been defined and adapted to accommodate the Research Council’s various application types. The criteria are structured in the same way for all application types.


  • The extent to which the proposed work is ambitious, novel, and goes beyond the state-of-the-art;
  • The quality of the proposed R&D activities.


  • Potential outcomes and impacts of the proposed research and innovation;
  • Communication and exploitation.


  • The quality of the project manager and project group;
  • The quality of the project organisation and management.

In addition, grant applications for some calls will be assessed for their relevance to the call for proposals. Assessment of the relevance criterion is normally carried out by the Research Council’s internal scientific advisors.


  • The relevance of the grant applications is assessed in relation to the requirements and priorities stipulated in the call for proposals.

Research project concent and implementation


Other National sources of funding:

Olav Thon Foundation - Olav Thon Foundation announce project funding and National awards within Natural science and medicine each year. 

Regional research funding - Read more about the regional research funds that will mobilise an increase in R&D efforts and strengthen research for regional innovation and development.

National research funding - Information about  various national sources of research funding, such as The Norwegian Research Council, Research funding for the agriculture- and food industry (FFS-JA), aht Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Center for Advanced Stydy (CAS) and the Norwegian Cancer Society (NCS)

Nordic research funding - Read about various Nordic sources of funding for research.


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