Research funding from the Research Council of Norway

The Research Council of Norway has many different financing schemes and application types. Research programmes and funding schemes have their own websites within the Research Council, providing information about the application process, evaluation criteria, etc. Read more here.

Research funding from the Research Council of Norway

Deadlines and application process:

The Research Council has six main application deadlines or ongoing application deadlines for all of its programmes.  

All applications must be submitted electronically using eApplication (eSøknad) (Note: The service is automatically deactivated upon the expiration of the deadline!). 

The Research Council of Norway's rates for personnel costs, indirect costs and fellowships must be used. 

Current advertisements can be found in the Research Council's searchable list of advertisements.

Support for application development and operation:

NMBU offers support for application development and offers recruitment posts and cash during the project operation phase using funds from the Research Council of Norway. Read more about the funding schemes here.

Approval of applications:

Applications submitted from NMBU must be approved by the department. The applicant must consult the department management/administration in good time before the application deadline.

For applications to the Centre for Outstanding Research (SFF) and the Centre for Research-Driven Innovation (SFI), the University Director must approve the application before it can be submitted. 

Consortium agreements:

In Research Council projects, the Research Council's template agreements must be used (collaboration agreement and consortium agreement).  

If you require different solutions to those set out in the Research Council templates, the agreement must be quality-assured by the Legal Adviser to the Research Department, Vegard Arnhoff.

All projects funded by the Research Council are subject to NMBU's guidelines for IPR.

All appendices must be available in their final form before the agreement is signed. All projects can be initiated after the agreement has been entered into and signed.


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