National research funding

The Norwegian Research Council

The Norwegian Research Council award grants to research and innovation projects, working toward a community where research is created, used, challenged, valued and shared by everyone so that it actually contributes to change and a more sustainable community. The Norwegian Research Council awarded appx. 100 mill NOK to research and innovation.

Research funding for the agriculture- and food industry (FFL-JA)

The research funds for agriculture and the food industry are intended to follow up on agricultural policy objectives.

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

The Academy administers: The Nansenfond,  Norsk Varekrigsforsikrings Fond, Norsk Hydro's Fund for Scientific Research, Michael Width Endresen's Fund For Enterprise in Sunnmøre, Statoil's Research Fund and the Oseberg Fund.

Center for Advanced Study (CAS)

The Centre for Advanced Study (CAS) at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters is an independent foundation that furthers excellent, fundamental, curiosity-driven research. The Center has a unique cooperation with NMBU. 

Norwegian Cancer Society (NCS) 

The Norwegian Cancer Society allocates funds for general operating costs, technical personnel, post doctor fellowships, visiting researcher fellowships and research posts. Information about research funding application deadlines are given in their web page.





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