Archiving (deposit) and sharing research data

What is research data?

Any form of registration/ notes/ reported numbers, texts, pictures and sounds that have been generated during research projects. 

Where to archive research data?

Research data upon which a scientific publications or a concluded project is based must be archived in national or international archives that fulfils the FAIR principles.

The NMBU research data archive - "NMBU Open Research Data" (DataverseNO)

Other national archives

Examples of international archives

Examples of domain specific data archives

The web page and provides overview of approved international archives that fulfil the FAIR principles.

Labelling Research Data

All data sets archived in national or international archives must be assigned a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). This is available from the archive in which you will store your data.

Citing Research Data

Read more about Joint declaration of data citation principles of how research data must be cited.


Licencing datasets is completed once uploaded into a data archive. Read about licencing here

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