Data Management Plan (DMP)

A Data Management Plan (DMP) describes the type and scope of the research data generated in the project, how it will be stored safly during the lifetime of a project and made available after the project has ended.

NMBU recommends that their students and employees make use of the DMP made available by the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD)

Examples of national and international systems to generate DMPs:

Norwegain Centre of Research Data (NSD) (DMP+) (Recommended)

National e-Infrastructure for Research Data (NIRD/Uninett Sigma 2) (easy DMP)

Digital Curation Senter - DMP online


Software carpentry

The mission of Software carpentry is to help researchers do more research in less time and with less challenges by teaching the basic data management skills. Read more about Software carpentry at UiO.


Published 23. May 2018 - 9:38 - Updated 2. May 2019 - 9:34