Recruitment of young talented researchers

NMBU's program for research excellence intends recruitment of young researchers with great potential to NMBU. Through the recruitment NMBU will increase the quality of the professional environment and develop more of the world leading research environments. The recruitmen must be performed by an open international announcement.

Unge toppforskere ved NMBU:

  • Kristian Hovde Liland is employed at the REALTEK faculty within "Big Data and integration of heterogeneous measurement data sets in the environmental- and bio-sciences".
  • Roberta Cucca is employed at the LANDSAM faculty within "Urban Sustainability Planning".
  • Morten Kjos is employed at the KBM faculty within "Infection Biology". 
  • Sabrina Rodriguez-Campos is employed at the VET faculty within "Infection Biology". 

Grant per participant:

  • Salary and indirect costs: 1,4 MNOK
  • Operating costs: 0,25 mill NOK
  • A recruitment position from the «rektors strategiske pott»
  • The positions are funded by NMBU centrally for 4 years and the employing faculties will fund accordingly

Paramount when selecting candidates for the positions:

  • The candidate has a minimum 3-5 years of research experience after completion of the PhD degree
  • The candidate has completed research of very high quality - scientific production, citation index and artistic work
  • The candidate has shown curiosity, independence and innovative ability
  • The candidate is of significance for the surrounding professional environment, when considering environmental and research promoting efforts
  • The candidate may describe his/ her contribution to develop the research environment in question
  • The candidate escels in educationaland disseminating qualifications
  • The candidate shows good leadership skills
  • The candidate has shown progressive work with regards to funding


Published 5. February 2016 - 11:33 - Updated 13. February 2020 - 9:47