NMBU Talent Development Program 2.0 for 2021-2022

About the NMBU Talent Program 2.0 - "Research Talents for Sustainability"

NMBU's strategy 2019 - 2023 states that the university shall contribute with «Joint efforts for a sustainable future». In addition, the strategy states that NMBU shall conduct research at a high international level, have research groups that are in international forefront and continue the FFU commitment. In order to achieve the goals in the strategy and bring out more internationally leading researchers within the university's subject areas, NMBU's Talent Program 2.0 is now being launched. The program is called «Research Talents for Sustainability».

"Research Talents for Sustainability" is a two-year scheme for 21 scientific employees at NMBU. The program aims to provide academic staff with increased opportunities to develop as researchers, supervisors and innovators. The program provides an opportunity to build on skills and competences that can improve chances for attaining funding from top research programs in the EU, the Research Council Norway and other funding sourses. The program will have a clear sustainability profile.

For participation in the program, special emphasis is placed on the participants’ motivation and how the applicant intends to develop his/ her professional research environment/ research group.

About the participants for 2021-2022

Read more about the participants here.

Biannual meetings for the participants


About the call 2020

Who can apply?

The NMBU Talent Program applies to members of academic staff in a postdoctoral (incl. tenure-track postdoctoral positions), researcher or associate professor (incl. tenure-track associate professor positions).

In addition, the following will apply:

  1. At the application deadline, it is less than ten years since the date of the PhD dissertation (Net time, i.e. deductions for leave etc).
  2. At the application deadline, the applicant is employed in a minimum 80% position at NMBU.
  3. At the application deadline, the employment contract with NMBU is valid for one or more years per 1 Jan 2021.

NMBU shall, over time, endeavor to balance gender background and balance among the NMBU disciplines within the NMBU Talent Program 2.0. Women are encouraged to apply.

Grant per participant:

The program includes support per participant as follows:

Funds to enhance competence and for mentor activities: NOK 150 000 per year.

The participants should use allocated funds for competence building within research, innovation and educational activities (supervision/ student-integrated research). Particular emphasis will be towards enhancing competence for the participants to have competitive advantage to receive funding in research excellence programs in EU and The Norwegian Research Council or similar. The funds can also be used to develop networks with external researchers, making use of the funds for i.e. stays abroad (shorter or longer) at other research institutions and for conferences. Stays abroad are financed in accordance with RCN's rates, and the NMBU guidelines for travel grants.

Participants in the program choose their own mentor who should be an internationally outstanding researcher who is affiliated at a foreign institution. For some particular cases, approval of a mentor located in Norway can be permitted. The mentor must have resourceful value for the participant, for the research cluster/ the research group and contribute with networks. The funds can be used to pay for travel to have meetings or gatherings for the mentor, the participant, the research cluster/ the research group and/ or other research colleges. Some of the funding can be used for mentoring fees.

Compulsory participation in biannual meetings, which will be organized by The Research Support Office.

The Research Support Office organizes biannual meetings that are mandatory for the participants. The meetings address topics such as: application development, research management, career development, development of educational activities (supervision/ student-integrated research), innovation, network building, media training, etc.

Application requirements

In a separate application form, the applicants should:

  • Explain their motivation for participation in the NMBU Talent Program 2.0
  • Provide a plan for the development of the professional environment the applicant is affiliated with/ own research group
  • Provide a plan for the development of research activities
  • Provide a plan for the innovation activities
  • Provide a plan for the educational activities (supervision/ student-integrated research)

over the next two years. In addition, the applicant must provide an overview of their project portfolio at the application deadline.

Participants in the program are obliged to send a minimum of one application as project leader to research programs in the EU (Horizon Europa, ERC, Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions etc.) or The Research Council Norway (FRIPRO etc.) during the program period. Application(s) to other sources of funding must have the corresponding prestige and scope.

In addition, the following must be attached:

  • CV with a publication list and/ or description of artistic work in the last 3 years.
  • Evaluation(s) of submitted applications to programs in the Research Council Norway, programs in EU and/ or similar programs. The evaluations must be no more than 3 years old and the applicant must be designated as the project leader, work package leader, or partner in the application(s).
  • A support letter from the Dean including (a) information about the applicant's potential to develop as researcher and to develop the professional research environment/ research group, and (b) information about the employment contract (start date - end date) at NMBU.

Further processing:

A committee, consisting of two internal and two external members, will processes the applications according to the requirements given in the announcement. The Research Support Office is the secretariat. The committee will also be responsible for interviewing relevant candidates. The final selection of participants will be decided by the Prorector for research and innovation at NMBU.

Granted participation:

Applicants who are granted participation in the NMBUs Talent Program must prepare and enter into an individual agreement and plan for research, innovation and educational activities in the program period. The agreement is to be prepared in a cooperation between with the participant, the mentor and the dean.

The program requirements must be met in the plan:

  • Compulsory participation at meetings
  • Stays abroad (short term or longer term)
  • Submission of a minimum of one application to the Norwegian Research Council, EU, or other funding sources.
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