CRIStin (Current Reaserach Information System in Norway)

Academic publishing and publishing points

  • All scientific publications and dissemination of research results at NMBU like scientific articles, monographs and anthologies (books), book chapter, conference proceedings and conference papers must be registered in Cristin.
  • Cristin also forms the basis for the reporting of publication points, which in turn determines part of each research institution's annual budget. More about publication points.
  • Popular scientific publications, presentations, chronicles and more may be registered in Cristin, however, these will not be credited with publishing points.
  • Academic employees and students must check that their publications have been registered in Cristin.
  • Some publications are automatically imported to Cristin from large databases such as Scopus (international) and NORART (national and Nordic).
  • Publications that are not imported must be registered manually.
  • The Norwegian Research Council requires that their project codes are registered in Cristin (from 01.10.2017).
  • Always register project codes for European Commission (EU) and other project funders.

Academic publications will be checked and approved by the Cristin contacts at the faculties before they are reported and given publishing points in the publication indicator system ("tellekantsystemet").

Author’s addresses:

  • "Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet" or "Norwegian University of Life Sciences" and the name of the faculty at NMBU ("Faculty of …") is to be used as the author’s address when the author has completed work in the capacity of employee or student at NMBU.  Institute name ("Department of...") may be used where necessary.
  • NMBU receives no point rewards for publications for which the researcher has not entered NMBU as the author’s address. Names of the section, department or centre are NOT a sufficient address.
  • If the author of a given publication is entered with two addresses, both addresses MUST BE registered in the CRIStin post. Both addresses are displayed behind the name of the person in the list of contributors.

Self-archiving/uploading of publications in Cristin

  1. After you have publisehed your article, register the article in Cristin.
  2. For hybrid articles (in NON "gold" Open Access journals): Self-archive/upload the accepted version in Cristin which is the last version you have received from the journal before publishing. The accepted version is the last peer-reviewed digital version of the article, but before the journal's logo and lay-out are set on the publication.
  3. For "gold" OA articles": Self-archive/upload the publisher's version (pdf) of the article.
  4. For articles in journals covered by the New agreements with the publishers Wiley, Elsevier, Taylor&Francis, SringerNature, Sage, American Chemical Society and Oxford Univ. Press NMBU researchers are allowed to publish Open Access without extra cost.
  5. The corresponding author must be affiliated with NMBU and they have to choose the correct affiliation while submitting a manuscript.
  6. It is allowed to self-archive/upload the publisher's versions (pdf) of the articles in Cristin to be  open accesible in Brage NMBU.  
  7. The University Library (Brage group) will check the embargo periode (set by the publisher) for hybride and other articles which are not "gold" Open Access before the articles are made open accesible in Brage.






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