Publishing and co-authorship

According to the Vancouver Convention, the right to an authorship is based on four main criteria, all of which must be met for the authorship to be legitimate:

  • Significant contribution to the concept and design, or data collection or analysis and interpretation of data
  • Development of the manuscript itself or significant portions of the manuscript or critical review of the article’s intellectual content
  • Approval of the version of the article that is to be published
  • Acknowledgement of responsibility in properly investigating and responding to questions pertaining to the integrity and accuracy of the work in all its aspects and parts

Crediting of institutions
Crediting of institutions must be fair, particularly as concerns employees having two employers. It is the responsibility of the researcher to list the author address that he or she deems to be fair in terms of the work that is done.

Academic supervision
In a situation involving academic supervision, the rule likewise applies that if an academic supervisor wishes to use a student’s unpublished data or research results in his/her own research, the student must give his/her consent. Conversely, the supervisor’s consent is required when a student wishes to use any unpublished material or results belonging to the supervisor.



Published 27. November 2015 - 9:37 - Updated 27. April 2022 - 12:54