Open Access

NMBU's publishing fund:

NMBU wants to increase the number of publications in Open Access journals. Therefore, a publishing fund was established in 2012. The purpose of the fund is to provide NMBU researchers, who do not have any other funding, an opportunity to publish papers accepted in fee-based Open Access journals. 

Notice: The open access publishing fund is now empty. Applications can still be submitted, but will be set on hold. We except to receive additional funds towards the end of the year (September/October) and will then proceed to process waiting applications as far as possible in accordance with applications date. 

We encourage you to consider journals included in one of our open access publishing agreements. Please see our information agreements available at NMBU.

To get support from the publishing fund, the publication has to:

  1.  Be published in a «gold» OA journal.
  2. Be published in journals accepted by The Norwegian Database for Higher Education (DBH) and member of DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals.
  3.  Corresponding author should be employee or student affiliated to NMBU. 
  4. Maximum amount of support is NOK 25 000 pr. article.
  5. The article must be accepted for publication.
  6. After the article is published it must be registered in Cristin and uploaded to Brage NMBU.

For questions contact: 

National Goals and Guidelines for Open Access to research articles:

The government's goals is that all publicly funded Norwegian research articles should be made openly available by 2024. The government has established guidelines and measures for open access to research articles.

More information about: National goals and guidelines for open access to research artcles

PhD on Track: More information on how to publish Open Access here:

  1. Main principles
  2. Publishing in an open access journal (gold) step by step
  3. Open access mandates
  4. Funding for open access
  5. Useful resources 
  6. References

Open Access in EU:

OpenAIRE is a network of Open Access repositories, archives and journals that support Open Access policies. OpenAIRE has started out as a policy support mechanism for the EC (FP7 pilot and H2020 OA policies), with the aim to be the European scholarly communication hub providing its services to many European funders.

More information about journals funded by the FP7 post-grant open access pilot.

H2020 Programme: Guidelines to the Rules on Open Access to Scientific Publications and Open research Data in Horizon 2020


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