NOVA University Network

NOVA is a university cooperation aimed at supporting the understanding of major global challenges in a Nordic context. Together we provide high quality PhD-level courses in subjects related to agricultural, forestry and veterinary sciences, and support PhD- and post-graduate veterinarian specialisation students and NOVA’s scientists in building international scientific networks.

For teachers

NOVA provides the opportunity for teachers to organise high quality PhD courses in collaboration with colleagues at other NOVA universities and with participants from NOVA universities and other international universities/ organisations.

All topics organized by NMBU employees must be advertised on the NOVA network's webpage in addition to

To register the course on the NOVA network's webpage, send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Name of the course and number of ECTS
  • A short description of the course
  • Links to syllabus and other relevant information
  • Time for the course (start and end date) and location
  • How to apply for the course

Internal funds for organizing PhD courses

NMBU has some internal funds to support the implementation of NOVA courses. Each topic is supported with NOK 100,000. For 2022, NOK 500,000 is available.


You can apply for the following expenses:

  • working hours for lecturers/course organizers
  • travel expenses for external lecturers
  • rental of course rooms

Application for support is made by submitting this web form: 

For PhD candidates

Participation in courses is free of charge for students from NOVA member universities. As a main rule, travel and accommodation is not covered.

External webpage

Find more information on NOVA Network web page.





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