COURSE: Basic research project management (3 days)


  • Provide for the participants insight into how the research projects are planned, organised, governed and managed.
    • - To prepare a basis for a project application.
    • - To be able to prepare good plans for own projects.

      - To be able to provide competent project professional guidance and support in other projects.

  • To develop necessary planning documents for research projects that the participants are or will be involved in, or for a relevant case study.
  • To contribute to team development, and to ensure good grounding and understanding of the project plan for all involved parties of the project.

During the course the participants develop a basis for a project application, or plans for their own actual research project.

Those who do not have their own project will contribute in groups with other participants. Or they can choose to work with a provided relevant case study.

Intended audience

The course is preliminarily targeted towards postdoctoral fellows, but also open for younger researchers. It is a precondition that the participant is employed at NMBU in a position that that is more than 80 %.

Course elements

The course is grouped into two gatherings that each consist of two plus one days. The methodology will vary between:

  • Lectures about professional project topics
  • Group work based on the participants own project work, and with guidance from the lecturer
  • Presentations in plenum and –discussions
  • Mandatory submission after the first gathering

Day 1, 0900-1600

  • About projects: Limitations, structure and conceptual framework.
  • What distiguishes research projects?
  • Pitfalls of project work.
  • About the goals and how to formulate goals. Different level goals during the research work.
  • Project mandate

Day 2, 0900-1600

  • About progress reporting and milestones.
  • About organising research projects – Understanding roles, parties of interest, and responsibility.
  • Realistic time management: Making resources available –time wasters during the project work.

Day 3, 0900-1530

  • Norms/ game rules
  • Leadership, team building and cooperation in the projects.
  • Prosjekt leader responsibility and tasks in the research project.
  • About reporting, follow up and managing the project.
  • Communication.

Lunch is included all days.

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