COURSE: Handling personal data in research and Data Management Plans (5 hrs)

This course focuses on the Privacy Act in research and how to handle research data with personal information. In addition you will gain knowledge about research data management and how to fill in a Data Management Plan (DMP). Information in Norwegian. 

COURSE: Handling personal data in research and Data Management Plans (5 hrs)

Research data generated in projects must be stored and archived safely and in compliance with NMBU's guidelines for research data, national and international guidelines and regulations. Research data must also be made available for reuse where possible.

EU and the Research Council of Norway requires you to deliver a Data Management Plans for projects that they are funding. 

Intended audience

Master students, researchers (PhD candidates, post doctoral fellows, researchers, Associate Professor, professor) and Research Support (research administration, library, IT etc).

Course content

  • Lectures, practical exercises, experience exchange. Bring your own laptop!
  • In this course you will learn more about:
  • Guidelines and responsibility at the institution.
  • Privacy Act in research, duty to report, GDPR and the Data Protection Officer.

Programme (appx. 5 hours)


30 min

Introduction to data management at NMBU: Solveig Fossum-Raunehaug, NMBU Research Support Office
60 min Lecture: Data management and Data Management Plans. What is it and "what’s in it for me"?: Gry Henriksen, NSD
30 min


60 min

Lecture: Privacy Act in research by NSD

15 min


30 min

Introduction to NSDs Data Management Plan (DMP+) Gry Henriksen, NSD

15 min


30 min

Practical group tasks related to data managementand handling personal data: Gry Henriksen, NSD

Knowledge and understanding

Learning objective

  • Basic knowledge about data management, incl. storage, archiving and sharing/ reuse of data
  • Basic knowledge about the Privacy Act in research and handling personal data
  • Basic knowledge on Privacy Act regulations and consequences for research and development
  • Gain principal knowledge of responsibilities at your own institution
  • Gain principal knowledge about information security


  • Be able to find and fill in a Data Management Plan and guide others about data management
  • Be able to guide others to find and use tools and systems for storage
  • Be able to find and make use of archive services
  • Be able to give basic guidance to others about regulations and guidelines for Data Management, ethical guidelines for research
  • Be able to find and use research data regulations

Prerequisite knowledge



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