COURSE: Presentation skills

Intended audience

PhD candidates or scientific employees at NMBU.

Course elements

Theory and practical training.

Learning objectives

For those of you who would like to improve your presentation techniques and skills there is now an opportunity to do so! The course will focus on rhetorics and body language and aim to help you appear the way you are required to do in your research arena.

Preparatory work

There is no prework.

External course convener

The course will be held by Tove Skagestad and is a course addressed with a research communication purpose. Her background is actress, journalist and author, and she has held several courses in the academic arena, i.e. the Reseach Council. She has a Master in Nonfictional Writing and a Master in Communications in Organisations.

Comment from a participant

"The course was really high quality.  There was a good balance of theory, illustrative roleplaying, solo work and final presentations with feedback.  I learned a new framework for organizing talks, and got reinforcement for some skills and tricks, and learned about some new ones. The amount of time spent on the practical part was perfect.  I wouldn't have wanted a shorter day - it was very good to have the solo work session, then some roleplaying exercises before our actual final presentations to make us feel comfortable and get us ready for the "real thing".  I was very happy with the pedagogy."

From participant evaluation, presentation techniques skills course 8 April 2019, PhD candidate

Published 5. February 2016 - 13:10 - Updated 6. April 2022 - 10:37