COURSE: Management of the PhD project (FORN400), 2 ECTS

FORN400 is a three-day course in project management where you learn to lead your own PhD project. The course gives you insight into how the project should be planned, organized and managed. The course also includes training in how to handle research data generated in the project and preparation of data management plans (DMP).

Intended audience

PhD candidates, research programme students, and specialist candidates (preferably in their first halv of their education). Condition to participate is be admitted to one of the PhD programmes at NMBU. The faculties will prioritize the participants at their faculty if there are more registered participants than the number of places in the course.

Course elements

The course consists of in total 3 parts (two days and 1 day). The methodology varies between:

  • Lectures on project related topics
  • Group work based on the participants' own project work, with guidance from the course convener
  • Presentations and discussions in plenum
  • Submissions after part II and part III

Part I - 0900-1600

  • About projects: Concepts, structure and definitions
  • What characterizes research projects?
  • Pitfalls of projects
  • Formulating project goals and objectives at different stages and levels of the research project.

Part II - 0900-1600

  • Organizing research projects – Roles, stakeholders, responsibilities
  • Scheduling: How to free resources and identifying time thieves within the project
  • Uncertainty: Risks and opportunities in the project.
  • The Project Manager's responsibilities and tasks.

Part III - 0900-1600

  • Cooperation and team building in research projects.
  • Status reporting and project control.

Light lunch included each day.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to planning, organizing and controlling research projects.
  • Prepare documents for planning of the participants own research projects.
  • Contribute to team development, and to ensure acceptance and understanding of the project plan with everyone involved in the project.

The participants will prepare plans for their own research projects during the course. Participants will also receive a full course documentation package.


The home exam of one submission will be graded and be the sole end grade given. Exams are evaluated as Passed/ Failed. A passed compulsory submission is a condition to be allowed to do the exam.

Course desciption

You will find more information about FORN400 by clicking on this link

Documentation from the course

A course with Passed grading will give 2 ECTS. A course transcript can be ordered from Studentweb. The faculty decides whether the course FORN400 will be part of the PhD education coursework for the candidate.


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