About SiEUGreen

The overall objective is to strengthen EU-China collaboration in food security and sustainable UA and to develop resilient, socially coherent and smart future cities with maximum utilization of solar energy, CO2, minimum environmental footprint and zero waste, thus contributing in circular economy at a global level, meanwhile improving social well-being and quality of life for residents. This SiEUGreen project aims to assemble numerous existing and/ or unexploited technologies for the first time to facilitate the development of the state of the art UA model that can be implemented in China, Europe and elsewhere beyond the project period. To achieve 3 R (reduce waste, reuse and recycle waste to generate bio-products such as organic fertilizers etc) and sustainable urban food supply with minimum transport, effective utilization of solar energy and CO2 requires the combination and implementations of different kinds of technologies.

Published 15. December 2017 - 16:02 - Updated 1. March 2018 - 13:24