ReiGN: Reindeer husbandry in a Globalizing North – resilience, adaptations and pathways for actions

ReiGN: Reindeer husbandry in a Globalizing North – resilience, adaptations and pathways for actions

ReiGN’s vision is to establish an interdisciplinary multisite Research Centre for holistic understanding of drivers connected to globalization and climate change that affect reindeer husbandry in Fennoscandia.


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ReIGNClimate change is penetrating all biological processes and production systems in the Arctic. Increased accessibility of its natural resources is transforming the region into an important player in the global economy. This will change the livelihood of northern people who depend on the land.


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About ReiGN


Fennoscandian reindeer husbandry represents ecological, socio-economical and institutional gradients as reflected in different adaptations and management regimes. This opens for a comparative research approach; combining modelling with empirical data analyses and semi-experimental approaches within a Social-ecological System framework.

Røros, Norway
Bård-Jørgen Bårdsen

By integrating perspectives from natural and social sciences as well as economics, we will identify key drivers, including internal drivers, and dissect their effects on the industry. This will enable us to evaluate its adaptive capacity and how these challenges can best be met by management actions. The multidisciplinary and multi-site Centre has great potential for intra Nordic scientific achievements and innovations and outreach for natural resource management internationally.

The overall aim is to understand how climate change and other processes in the Arctic will affect reindeer husbandry in Fennoscandia and how the industry can adapt to these drivers.

Areas of research
We here outline the main challenges for reindeer husbandry:

Competence building by extensive networking including young promising researchers and PhDs across disciplines will fuel the Centre. The Centre will initiate academic arenas and interact closely with stakeholders to serve as an incubator for developing new ideas and research approaches and point to pathways for actions, vital for the industry’s sustainability.


In addition to ReiGN Nordforsk is financing three other NCoEs in Arctic Research:

  • Kaamanen, Finland

    Kaamanen, Finland

    Bård-Jørgen Bårdsen