Working Group 4 Dissemination and Communication

Working Group 4 Dissemination

WG4: Dissemination. Dissemination of the main results of the COST action, which concerns the following tasks: Task 4.1 is dedicated to the dissemination of the results of the research projects that will be presented in national and international scientific conferences, refereed journal articles and reports; Task 4.2 focuses on knowledge transfer at all levels, including the possibility for science education and training. In particular, through a mix of face-to-face events (interviews, meetings and workshops) the objective is to empower stakeholders, starting from the elderly themselves.


WG4 leader  Chiara Tagliaro

WG4 vice leader Judit Kalman

WG4 vice leader  Tiiu Paas


Responsible for Podcasts  Emannuel Costa in collaboration with Briony Supple,, and Bastian Lange,

Responsible for List of stakeholders  Judit Kalman

Responsible for Research Gate project Sofie Pelsmakers and Elisabetta Crovara 

Responsible for List of dissemination activities Chiara Tagliaro and Mina Di Marino


WG members

Gislene Feiten Haubrich <>

Supple, Briony <>

Lange Dr. Bastian <>

The communication strategies aim to create a public awareness and enhance the visibility of the CA18214 results, consortium, and the research programme. They encourage COST members to use the results, increasing the chances the CA18214 research is making in terms of impacts. We create immediate, short/medium term societal impacts.

Communication strategies are about internal and external communication of the COST Action CA18214 amongst COST members and the larger audience of experts and non-experts (e.g. results from working groups, activities and deliverables). The Communication is using on-line tools (Slack and social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin), and offline tools (newspapers, news letters and TV channels). The Communication  is devoted to the development of multimedia contents (podcasts, videos,  etc.) and the web site of the research project.


Science Communication Manager Mina Di Marino

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