Working Group 3 Tool Box

Working Group 3 Tool Box

WG3: Tool Box. Collection of the policy tools that have been implemented at national, regional and local levels, and their effects on new working spaces. This knowledge will allow to develop a tool box containing stranghts and weaknesses related to the activation and non activation of policy tools. This WP will include the following activities: Task 3.1 Collection and discussion about the policy tools developed to foster the development of new working spaces both directly and indirectly. In the first case, policies are addressed to these specific places, which are recognised as important for the socioeconomic development of the territory; in the second case, policies addressed, for instance, to the promotion of employment and innovation, detaxation, use of public space, are adopted by new working spaces; Task 3.2 collection and discussion of the positve and negative effects these policy tools have had on new working spaces and the socio-economic urban context (i.e. they might have worsen the situation, or given rise to imperfect competition); Task 3.3 Identify strenghts and weaknesse of the policy tools and proposition of tailored policies, with the involvement of stakeholders, and develop guidelines


WG3 leader Carolina Pacchi

WG3 vice leader Maria Chiara Barzotto

WG3 vice leader Lenka Smékalová


The WG3 has recently launched a survey at . The password to access is COSTwg3

All COST MEMBERS are invited to participate!


Working group members

Ignasi Capdevila,

Briony Supple,

Cecilia Manzo,

Amnon Frankel,

Jacques Teller,

Petr Dubrosky,

Therese Bajada, University of Malta

Johan Barstad,

Stefania FIORENTINO, UCL University,

Bernadine SATARIANO,University of Malta,

Aksel Ersoy -TU Delft



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