Working Group 1 Glossary and Taxonomy

Collection of the state of the art about new working spaces in Europe and outside. The following activities will be carried out: Task 1.1. Definition of the phenomenon; Task 1.2 Definition of the working spaces typologies; Task 1.3 Geographical distribution and location patterns with a specific focus on peripheral areas.

The WG1 members have completed the first two deliverables within the first grant period:

1) Micek G., Mariotti I., Di Marino M., Akhavan M., Di Vita S., Lange B., Paas T., Sinitsina A., Alfieri L. and Chebotareva M. (2020). Definition and typologies of the new working spaces Deliverable D 1.1. Internal working paper. COST Action CA18214: The geography of new working spaces and impact on the periphery (2019-2023).

2) Di Marino M., Mariotti I., Tagliaro C., Fiorentino S. and Di Vita Stefano, (2020). Defining a template for a structural comparison of international research findings. Deliverable D 1.2. Internal working paper COST Action CA18214: The geography of new working spaces and impact on the periphery (2019- 2023).

The WG1 members are now working on the D.1.3. Database of structures/typologies of New Working Spaces and D.1.4. Final report  which belong to the tasks of the second grant period.


WG1 leaders are as follows:

WG1 leader Micek Grzegorz 

WG1 vice leader Anastasia Sinitsyna

WG1 vice leader Tüzin Baycan


Working group members are as follows:

Grzegorz Micek, Jagiellonian University, Kraków,

Stefano Di Vita, Politecnico di Milano,

Ilaria Mariotti, Politecnico di Milano,

Mina di Akhavan, Politecnico di Milano,

Mina di Marino, Norwegian University of Life Sciences,

Bastian Lange, Leipzig University, Germany,

Tiiu Paas, University of Tartu, Estonia,

Luca Alfieri, University of Tartu,

Mariia Chebotareva, University of Tartu,

Tüzin Baycan, Istanbul Technical University

Ignasi Capdevila, PSB Paris School of Business in Paris,

Irene Manzini Ceinar University College London (UCL), UK, London,

Hossein Chavoshi, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Universitetstunet 3, Norway, Ås,

Christophe Demaziere, Université de Tours, ALLEE DE LESSEPS, France, TOURS,

Cecilia Manzo, Universita’ Cattolica, Italy, Milan,

Chiara Tagliaro, Politecnico di Milano, Italy,

Stefania Fiorentino, UCL/Cambrige University, UK,

Anastasia Sinitsyna, University of Tartu, Estonia,

Maria Ianeva, CNAM, Paris, France,

Jean-Luc Tomas, CNAM, Paris, France,

Helyaneh Aboutalebi Tabrizi, Msc in Architecture, Bilkent University,>

Torhild Andersen - coordinator of


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